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Scratchboard Art Supplies

Scratchboard Art Supplies

Materials and tools that you will need for your scratchboard projects are sold at art supply stores. Scratchboard art supplies also are available online. Here are some of the products that are on the market and readily available.


If you are a beginner, you might want to start off with student-grade scratchboards. They are less expensive than the artist-grade boards.

Student-grade Scratchboards

Scratch-Art Pre-Inked Black Scratchboard. This board includes a heavy undercoating of white china clay and a smooth surface coating of black ink. The thickness is 12 points.

Artist-grade Scratchboards

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Scratchboard. Scratchboards are Scratch Art boards coated with a fine white china clay and covered with an opaque black ink. Dramatic, professional-quality etchings can be created by scratching through the black coating to expose the white clay surface beneath. A scratch knife or other metal scratch tool produces sophisticated textures and effects on these high-quality boards.

Ampersand Claybord. Ampersand’s Claybord is made from warp-resistant 1/8″ profile FSC-Certified Hardbord that is sealed and protected with a proprietary Archiva-Seal. The unique clay surface allows for unlimited techniques – etching, erasing, reworking, adding color and scratching it away to add contrast, texture, and fine details.

Ampersand Scratchbord. Scratchbord is a premium scratchboard made by applying India ink over a clay-coated panel. It allows for more precise, clean cutting and crisper edges as compared to what is usually obtainable with traditional scratchboard paper. Scratchbord is available in 1/8 inch (3mm) thick panels. This product comes pre-inked in black.

Marvin’s Scratch Art Super Bright Scratchboards. These scratchboards have hidden bright colors beneath the black layer of this scratch art set just waiting to be discovered. You can write, draw, play or doodle and discover these scratchboards are superb for art, DIY, home, or school projects.

Scratchboard Art Supplies: Inks

The type of ink you choose depends on whether you are using it to cover the surface of an un-inked scratchboard OR to add color to a black-and-white scratchboard drawing.

Ink for covering the surface of an un-inked scratchboard:

Be sure to use good quality black India ink, or other ink that is rich black and saturated with pigment. Do not use transparent ink or dye.

Here are some suggested inks that will work well for this purpose:

Ink for adding color to a black-and-white scratchboard drawing:

Ampersand Scratchbord Ink Set. This permanent, transparent ink was formulated specifically for scratchboard. The set consists of six 1/2-ounce (15 ml) bottles in Yellow, Green, Carmine Red, Ultramarine Blue, Sepia, and Black (for corrections), and includes a color mixing chart. Set of 6

Tip: The colors are non-staining (if diluted with a little water first), which allows you to recut highlights and whites into your scratchboard. This ink does not leave a residue on black scratchboard, but will leave a residue on other India inks. Also, these inks work better with natural hair brushes than they do with synthetic brushes. For additional tips, be sure to read the instructions before using this product.

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