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Glue & Glitter

What Is Glitter Glue

What Is Glitter Glue: 7 Best Ways To Use It

Being an arts and crafts enthusiast can be weird, as the tiniest, most mundane stuff will excite you. Most people wouldn’t think twice after looking at a textured paper. However, when it comes to glitter glue, opinions can be divisive. Here we answer, what is glitter glue: 7 best ways to use it.

10 Easy Hot Glue Craft Ideas for Beginners

10 Easy Hot Glue Craft Ideas

Glue guns are an essential item for arts and crafts. Most glue guns available at your local arts and crafts store come in two varieties: corded and cordless. What’s more, most hot glue gun models also feature a switch that allows you to adjust the heating element’s temperature. Here, we present 10 easy hot glue craft ideas for Beginners including all the materials you need.