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Fun and Easy Origami Ideas for Beginners

Fun and Easy Origami Ideas

For creative people, origami can be a wonderful hobby. This art form includes starting with a square of paper, folding it, and creating a lovely finished product. That said, there are various ways you can make fun and easy origami ideas with the right instructions.

This guide will teach you how to make basic folds that are used as the foundation for a wide variety of origami projects. Furthermore, we will also teach you how to make the most basic origami model that every beginner should know: the traditional paper crane. We’ll largely be using square, thin origami paper that’s easy to fold. However, you’ll be shown how to produce a perfect square with standard, white, rectangular paper such as a US LETTER 8.5×11 paper or A4 as well.

Let’s begin!

Fun and Easy Origami Ideas: Post-it Box

An origami Post-it Box is probably one of the most fun and easy origami ideas to try. This is a neat little box that is both cool and functional. It’s also an excellent way to get rid of all of your old sticky notes at work. So, ensure your boss isn’t looking!

Materials Required

  • A pen
  • Pair of scissors
  • Square sticky notes

How To Make

  • Take a sticky note with the sticky part facing towards you.
  • Fold in half from point to point.
  • Then, from point to point, fold in half again.
  • Next, fold all four points to the center.
  • Fold to the first crease from the point, then continue in this manner on all four ends.
  • Now, you’ll notice how four squares at the center form a bigger square; this is the base of your box.
  • Do this on all four points by folding the point to the first crease.
  • Do you recall the Four Squares in the Middle? The Crease to the Corner of the Four Squares will be cut. So on two opposing ends, you’ll make four cuts.
  • Fold the opposing side now. Two points should touch inside the box and the general shape of the box with two ends sticking out.
  • The remaining sides will be created by folding in the two tabs. All of the points should be touching at the bottom of the box without overlapping.
  • Now, with your pen, flatten the edges of the box, and you’re done!

Fun and Easy Origami Ideas – Paper Crane

Paper cranes are among the most fun and easy origami ideas that have become popular in American culture. This is largely because of Japanese folklore: whoever makes a thousand origami cranes would be granted a wish.

Materials Required

  • Pair of scissors
  • 5.9 x 5.9″ origami paper

How To Make

  • Fold the square diagonally from corner to corner. Repeat the process till your paper has the shape of an x on it. If the edges are not properly aligned, your crane will not fold properly.
  • The second step is to fold the paper in half, horizontally, after flipping it over. Repeat the process until it resembles an x and a+ stacked on top of each other. As with the x, make sure it’s flawless. A big part of this is ensuring your folds are correctly aligned.
  • Keep the colored side down while you open up the square. One of the corners of the square should now be pointed at you.
  • Bring the two side corners in to meet the table’s corner.
  • To make an accordion-shaped square, take the top corner sticking up and press it down to join the other corners.
  • Fold the top right-hand corner of the square into the center diagonal line, keeping the ‘flap’ corners facing you. The shape of your folds will resemble a Superman logo. Repeat with the upper left-hand corner.
  • Pull the top section down and push the crease once both parts are folded in.
  • Pull out both halves of the triangle and lift the top piece of paper.
  • Then, lift the top front corner while holding the other three front corners in place. It should resemble the mouth of a frog.
  • The next section is a little more difficult. First, pull the top corner of the top piece all the way up and back to make it flat. Then, carefully push down all of the folds to form a diamond on top of the bottom diagonal square.
  • Turn the paper and repeat the process for the other side.
  • Fold the diamond’s right upper corner to meet the center line. That fold should be pressed down.
  • Repeat for the top left-hand corner.
  • Repeat the previous steps on the other side of the paper. Finally, you’ll wind up with something that resembles the shape of a slender kite.
  • Now, like turning a page in a book, lift the top right side and press it over to the other side. Again, the central fold should be pressed down.
  • Next, flip the paper over and repeat the process from right to left.
  • You’ll wind up with a wolf’s head that looks elongated.
  • From right to left, fold the top right side of the paper in a book fold.
  • Turn the paper and do the same thing on the opposite side.
  • The lengthy pieces of paper (the head/neck & tail) are then removed. Pull them both out until they’re parallel to the body fold’s angle.
  • To make the head, bend the top of one side down.
  • Gently pull the crane’s wings apart where they’re folded to finish it off and make it stand.
  • You’re done!

Fun and Easy Origami Ideas – Rabbit

To celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, we’ll teach you how to make this adorable piece of origami. It may take some time for you to learn the technique.

However, once you’ve mastered it, the bunnies will multiply at an incredible rate! That said, practice makes perfect. But, trust us when we say this, an origami rabbit tops the list of fun and easy origami ideas wherever you search online.

Materials Required

  • Ruler
  • Penknife
  • Colored origami papers (80gsm)

How To Make

  • Begin with the white side of the paper facing up; in this case, the bunny will be yellow.
  • Make a crisp crease by folding the top corner down to the bottom.
  • The top left and right corners should be folded down to the bottom and well-creased.
  • Fold the left and right corners up to the top end, tucking them well once more.
  • Begin with the right flap, which should be opened out to the right and pressed down to form a diagonal triangle. Then, repeat on the other side.
  • Rotate the paper slightly to the left. Fold the top section backward.
  • Take the flap on the bottom right corner and flip it up. This is not a reverse fold but rather a rotation. Repeat the process on the back flap.
  • Fold the ears to the left- they don’t have to be all the same since they are animal ears. So, some asymmetrical folds look better.
  • At the top of the head, hold on to the ears. Open up the sections on the left. On both the front and rear of the rabbit, the snout should point downward, and left flaps should be placed over the top of the ears.
  • Make the two indicated folds and pleat fold them; the left fold is a mountain fold, and the diagonal fold is a valley fold. To pleat fold them inside, and open out the back of the rabbit.
  • And you’re done!

Fun and Easy Origami Ideas – Wrapping Up

Origami is an excellent, simple, and enjoyable pastime. All you need is paper, and you can use almost any type of paper. So, go through these fun and easy origami ideas, and you’ll be making professional-looking origami models in no time!

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