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Craft Supplies Catalogs

Craft Supplies Catalogs

I love to receive craft supplies catalogs in the mail. I usually look through them for arts and crafts supplies fairly quickly when they first arrive. Then later when I have more time, I look through them again much more slowly. As I view each item, my creative juices really get fired up. I also get ideas for holiday gifts to make.

Publishing a printed catalog is expensive. Some online craft supply companies keep costs down by not offering printed catalogs. If the company has a well-designed website, it still can be very enjoyable, as well as easy and convenient, to browse the inventory.

Below I have listed some online suppliers from whom I have purchased materials. Some offer printed catalogs and some do not. Please click on the links to visit my pages where I discuss each supplier in more detail.

Published Print Catalogs

Dick Blick’s Free Craft Supplies Catalogs
Dick Blick Art Supply offers several wonderful art supply catalogs, and all of them are free.

S&S Worldwide Free Craft Supplies Catalog
S&S Worldwide offers a terrific free printed catalog. Their vast inventory includes inexpensive craft kits for groups of people.

Online Catalogs

Mister Art Supplies Catalog is one of the largest online art and craft supply stores. Their online store is very well set up. Supplies of all kinds are very easy to find.

Create For Less Art and Craft Supplies Catalog
CreateForLess is a great source of supplies for crafts, scrapbooking, beading, sewing, quilting, crochet, and knitting. It is easy to find everything.

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