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10 Easy Hot Glue Craft Ideas

10 Easy Hot Glue Craft Ideas for Beginners

Glue guns are an essential item for arts and crafts. Most glue guns available at your local arts and crafts store come in two varieties: corded and cordless. What’s more, most hot glue gun models also feature a switch that allows you to adjust the heating element’s temperature. Here, we present 10 easy hot glue craft ideas for Beginners including all the materials you need.

Similarly, high-temperature glue guns are used for projects that need strong adhesive bonds. That said, for most do-it-yourself projects, it is recommended to buy a low-cost, corded hot glue gun as they are easy to use and need no recharging.

While most people would disagree, we think hot glue is the hero of the arts and crafts world. In fact, it has been leaving behind lasting bonds on many do-it-yourself crafts projects worldwide. On that note, we have listed our favorite hot glue craft ideas and tricks that will help you up to your glue gun game. Some of these are listed below.

10 Easy Hot Glue Craft Ideas

10 Easy Hot Glue Craft Ideas – Our List

Faux Clamp

Hot glue guns work great for smaller projects involving particleboard or balsa wood. That said, we recommend using wood glue for larger do-it-yourself glue-based arts and crafts projects. That said, we’ve come up with an excellent tip that will help hot glue gun owners act as a pressure clamp to dry wood glue.

Begin by applying wood glue to the wood first. Next, apply some hot glue around the middle and edges of the wood. Finally, add some weight to the wood and leave it to dry for 20 seconds. Once the hot glue dries, let the wood glue dry for a day or until it hardens, and voila! You have just made a Faux Clamp!

Wood Block Stamp

You probably did not know about this. But, you can even use a hot glue gun to design unique, custom ink stamps. In fact, it is one of those hot glue craft ideas that only need a few minutes and a little creativity.

So, grab a low-temp hot glue gun and a small block of wood and add glue in the desired shape. When the glue dries, dip the wood stamp design into an ink color of your choice. Your letters, boxes, and gift bags will never look dull anymore!

Hot Glue Balloon Arch

One of the easiest ways to use a hot glue gun and a couple of balloons is to make a unique balloon arch. It is one of the quickest hot glue craft ideas that will help you make a massive, graphic statement during the winter holidays!

All you need is a couple of balloons and a cheap hot glue gun, and you’re good to go. Simply stick the balloons together in an arch shape with the help of hot glue, and you are done! But, ensure that you use a low-temp glue gun to stick the balloons together, as a high-temp one will pop your balloons!

Confetti Cake Topper

Making a quick confetti cake topper with some confetti, a hot glue gun, some colored glue sticks, and a wooden skewer is something your child can do! That said, start by making numbers or letters using your hot glue gun on a non-stick mat. For example, If the birthday girl or boy’s name starts with a “C,” then draw a “C” on the non-stick mat.

Furthermore, add enough hot glue to the letter to attach it to the wooden skewer. Next, apply some more hot glue on the wooden stick. Finally, take a handful of confetti and dust it over the hot glue. In the end, shake off the excess confetti.

If a friend or a family member has a birthday soon, this is one of the best hot glue craft ideas for you. Give it a try!

Mini Cactus Push-Pins

Cactus Push Pins

This winter, design the cutest push-pins with a hot glue gun, a few colored glue sticks, and a cactus-shaped mold. Start by putting a green hot glue stick into a glue gun. Once the glue gun becomes hot, fill up the cactus-shaped mold with the melted glue.

Next, attach a push-pin to the center of the cactus-shaped glue with the sharp side facing towards you. When your green cactus becomes dry, take it out of the mold, add a mini pom-pom, and enjoy!

Jute-Wrapped Jar

Jute-Wrapped Jar

Now that you know how to use a hot glue gun, we can move on to hot glue craft ideas that need a little more work. That said, glass is slippery, making it difficult for hot glue to stick on its surface. But that’s alright as you can use it to make a few temporary decoration pieces like a Jute-wrapped jar.

Start by layering jute around the glass and applying dabs of hot glue to secure it into place. Then, let it dry for a few minutes, and you will be surprised by the results!

DIY Decorative Sign

If you hope to impress your guests at your next winter holiday party, then a few unique art pieces would do the trick! So, if you love do-it-yourself hot glue craft ideas, try making a decorative hello art sign for your home’s entryway this winter.

Take out your hot glue gun, and a handful of golden glue sticks, and write a “welcome” note on a small piece of wood. Once the glue dries, hang the “welcome” sign on your front porch with some faux flowers, and that’s about it!

DIY Coiled Rope Basket

You can twist, coil, or knot rope in any shape or form. But, when you add hot glue, you can keep the rope fixed in its modified! This DIY coiled Rope basket is one of many hot glue craft ideas beginners can try!

Start by coiling some rope till you reach the end, securing each roop loop with glue. Then, repeat and keep spiraling until the rope forms a basket!

That said, to take your DIY rope basket to the next level, add colors to your rope basket by using a colored string threaded on a needle.

DIY Harry Potter Wand

Are you or someone in your home a Harry Potter fan? If yes, then a Harry Potter wand is the perfect hot glue idea for the holiday season. More so, if there is a birthday coming up!

Start by grabbing some bamboo chopsticks from your kitchen. Then, apply some brown acrylic paint to the bamboo sticks to resemble the real thing. Next, attach the bamboo sticks with some hot glue. Finally, paint the hot glue you applied in matching color, and you are done!

DIY Wire Coral Sculpture

If you want to add some to your home’s interior, look no further than this DIY, beautiful coral wire sculpture. Start by wrapping and twisting some wire until you get the coral shape you are after. Then, apply a thick layer of hot glue on the coral’s branches.

Finally, paint your finished coral branches with colors you like. An excellent tip here is to make a flat bottom for your wire coral sculpture so it can stand upright!

10 Easy Hot Glue Craft Ideas – Wrapping Up

When it comes to easy hot glue craft ideas, a glue gun is your best friend, hands down! Sure, making something with a glue gun will feel boring since you can also use it to craft some basic things. But, if you are willing to think outside the box, you have no idea the type of arts and crafts you can create with some creativity and your hands!

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