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Cheryl Woods

Scratchboard Art Supplies

Scratchboard Art Supplies Materials and tools that you will need for your scratchboard projects are sold at art supply stores. Scratchboard art supplies also are available online. Here are some of the products that are on the market and readily available. Scratchboards If you are a beginner, you might want to start off with student-grade… Read More »Scratchboard Art Supplies

How to Prepare Scratchboard

How to Prepare Scratchboard Before you begin the steps, you will need to apply the India ink to your scratchboard paper. Here’s how. Applying the Ink Use a good quality black India ink and mix it thoroughly. Do not use transparent ink or dye. Dye, transparent ink, or ink that is not well mixed will be absorbed… Read More »How to Prepare Scratchboard

Free Craft Supplies Catalog

▲  S&S Worldwide Online Craft Supplies Are you looking for online craft supply stores that offer free craft supply catalogs? S&S Worldwide has a terrific free craft and art supplies catalog. S&S Worldwide offers a vast selection of arts and crafts supplies and kits. The huge inventory also includes educational toys and games, party and novelty supplies,… Read More »Free Craft Supplies Catalog