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Arts and Crafts Tips and Technique

Please find the arts and craft tip or technique you need in the list below, then click on the link to go to detailed instructions. These helpful suggestions flesh out instructions provided for various arts and crafts projects found throughout the website. Batik Tips and Techniques Choosing and Preparing Fabric for Batik Read about batik fabrics to learn which fabrics work best and… Read More »Arts and Crafts Tips and Technique

How to Prepare Scratchboard

How to Prepare Scratchboard Before you begin the steps, you will need to apply the India ink to your scratchboard paper. Here’s how. Applying the Ink Use a good quality black India ink and mix it thoroughly. Do not use transparent ink or dye. Dye, transparent ink, or ink that is not well mixed will be absorbed… Read More »How to Prepare Scratchboard