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How to Origami Rose Plant?

Origami is an ancient form of art originating from Japan. The word literally translates to “folding paper” – as ori meaning “folding” and kami meaning “paper” in Japanese. It is an art form that is very closely linked to Japanese culture but has now fascinated everybody and has become a common practice for people from… Read More »How to Origami Rose Plant?

The Arts and Crafts Movement

The Arts and Crafts Movement was an informal reformist movement in architecture, decorative arts, crafts, and cabinet making that developed in the second half of the 19th century and lasted well into the 20th, with its heyday being the 1880-1910 timeframe. The fact that the movement coincided with the Industrial Revolution did not occur by accident. The movement came… Read More »The Arts and Crafts Movement

How To Make Batik

How to make Batik What is batik First thing you might ask is, just what is batik? If you don’t know, batik is a method (originally used in Java) of producing colored designs on textiles by dyeing them, having first applied wax to the parts to be left undyed. Batik is a “wax resist” process… Read More »How To Make Batik

How to Make Spider Ornament

Spiders? As Christmas ornaments?! Maybe you never thought of making Christmas spider ornaments, but I’m here to tell you people love them. And why wouldn’t they? These handmade ornaments are unusual, clever, and fun. Yes, making spider ornaments is indeed a wonderful Christmas arts and crafts idea. The legs on Christmas spider ornaments are easier to attach than the legs… Read More »How to Make Spider Ornament

Dragonfly Art and Craft Ideas

How to Make Dragonfly Ornaments Are you looking for more art and craft ideas? Consider making beautiful dragonfly ornaments. These dragonfly crafts pearl ornaments are very versatile. Make them in any colors you choose. Hang them on a Christmas tree, or display them as “everyday” decor whenever and wherever you please! The first time I made one… Read More »Dragonfly Art and Craft Ideas